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  1. Oh, I doubt she’d see it as hypocrisy. She probably feels she’s doing either the will of her husband or god.

    This is a form of mental double-talk I do not understand — and I say this with full awareness that I have (and possibly will again in the future) engaged in it myself on other subjects. The one I remember most clearly is my youthful sneering at women. With many of my male friends, I was sure women were overly emotional, they were untrustworthy, they didn’t say what they really meant, they were hard to get along with… all my strong role models were male, and so I self-identified with the male gender and joined in with them in disdaining women.

    I was truly shocked and hurt, later, when someone treated me as if I were one of those supposedly hypocritical women… and yet, was I not also a woman? If I espoused that sort of generalized treatment to women, didn’t I also deserve it? That was an eye-opening experience, and I like to think I’m wiser and a bit more compassionate for it.

    So I’m not sure how this mental “switch” is triggered, where (the generalized) you are somehow uniquely “more deserving” than those identical to you, who you’re working to put down. It’s one I try hard to watch out for, as I think it’s not healthy, and I don’t care for double standards.

  2. One of the more infamous examples of the last paragrpah is Wendy LaHaye, wife of ‘author’ Tim LaHaye of “Left Behind” fame. She is president of an organization that is exhorting women to… stay at home and submit to their husbands’ command, in the belief that in Christian families, husbands submit to Jesus and the wife submits to her husband. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever called her to task on her hypocrisy.

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