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  1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it too. :)

    I think Giselle’s “wings” as a Wili were slightly longer than everyone else’s. I’m referring to the filmy bits attached to the crossed straps on the back of the dress, that sort of fluttered as they all danced. I was actually looking for a differentiator during the dancing, and hers seemed a bit longer and more pronounced than the others?

  2. I enjoyed the ballet very much. I agree, that Karen Gabay did a wonderful job, and her bright smile made it clear that she was completely smitten with Loys and dancing from joy and happiness.

    I thought the Willis were well done – as you say, some brilliant dancing – but I did have trouble telling them apart, and kept wondering if Giselle had returned to the stage or not. I found that a bit confusing and wished there were a touch more differentiation between the near-identical dancers.

    A tiny nit in a beautiful performance by both dancers and musicians.

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