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  1. Hi, Waya!

    Thanks so much for commenting — it’s always a thrill to discover not only who’s reading, but also that they’re enjoying my writing. ;)

    I love staring into fires like that too, and letting my mind drift. I’ve found un-pressured time for day-dreaming is very important to me; I get restless and frustrated without it. I think it’s my opportunity to connect with my non-conscious mind, and I know it’s where a lot of my best ideas come from. I’m curious: what sorts of thoughts or dreams come up when you’re coal-gazing?

  2. Very evocative. I spent some time on Samhain staring at a gorgeous bed of coals and letting myself slip back into the days when I could do that every night. The staring into coals, that it, not the sweat lodge.

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