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  1. Jack: Ah! Thank you for the correction! -and yes, I figure if the environment is that fantastical then a historically incorrect plane is probably ok too? :)

  2. Actually, the bomber in the film is a B-25 “Mitchell” gunship. It is hybridized for the movie with both a prop (as originally designed) and asymmetrical jet engine. In all likelihood, this would be poorly functional in real life, but in a scene where the Mitchell is being used to provide close air support to a group of young women who are fighting knights, orcs and dragons… well… whatever, then. Right? :- )

  3. I’m not sure that you had enough context to see that it was going to do so, and don’ t hold you responsible for it at all.

    But ew.

  4. Good point — I should have mentioned all the other wonderful and fully textured backgrounds and costumes as well!

    I do apologize for not realizing the last bit would ‘squick’ you; I feel like I should have. I hope the rest of the movie made up for that at least a little?

  5. So far, I agree with all the things you’ve said here.

    The costumes weren’t practical, but this was a fantasy world, filled with video game physics, anime moves, and bullet time. The costumes worked for this and looked great.

    There weren’t any the lingering crotch shots, pauses to let the girls dramatically stick things in their cleavage, or bumping and grinding on the bad guy they were about to shoot… all of which I’ve seen elsewhere.

    There was too much power and deliberation on the part of the girls for this to be cheesecake.

    You don’t mention the costumes the others had, either. The evil dance leader, “helping’ the girls succeed in the brothel, with her spike heels and near dominatrix outfit. The owner and head pimp in his big, flashy clothes and jewels. The mayor, with his wide lapels on his big suit and huge stogie. The Nazi robots with their leather and canvas outfits, the armored knights fighting the dragon at the castle door as the bomber flies overhead…

    The visuals were all rich and full of details, with lots of attention given to everyone. No one was there to just be the sex symbol. They were all there to press their own advantages and agendas against one another.

    And yes, if I’d have known about the one bit at the end, I wouldn’t have gone. I had nightmares, and the movie as a whole is pretty much a nightmare scenario for me. Not to say it wasn’t a good movie, but big squick for me.

    PS: You can wear plenty amazing things. Trust me. Rar!

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