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  1. Never did hear back from you after my reply to your email to me with questions about some of this stuff. Hope the info was helpful and I hope you are well..

  2. The history of how hemp became illegal is kind of fascinating, because of one of the most colorful and notorious characters at the heart of it: William Randolph Hearst. I admit that Citizen Kane completely colored the way I look at Hearst. And you are hardly the last ‘square’ in the county. I am too school for cool, myself….

  3. Hi there, Waya! Thank you for commenting! ;)

    If one of your Bay Area friends was willing to talk to me, I’d be fascinated to do so. Could you point them to this blog entry, so they know what I’m curious about? Thank you so much!

    Re the prescription cards: yes, I think that’s silly too. My speculation is that they are required mostly due to CA making a token gesture to try to keep intrusive federal noses out of this issue.

    Regarding the comparison between the number of medical marijuana dispensaries, and liquor stores: you have a point! I used google maps to see how many liquor stores are near the house, and discovered not only were there several, but they were both just as close together, and closer to the house. Interesting thoughts — thanks!

  4. I know a couple of folks in the Bay Area with medical marijuana cards. One of them suffers from extremely bad arthritis and has brittle bone syndrome. There are apparently also sympathetic doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana fairly easily. The thing to wonder about is are they more numerous than liquor stores? I see the dispensaries as serving a similar purpose, only with the extra (silly) step of needing a prescription card.

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