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  1. You bet, Rick! Also looking for any suggestions on fun and/or first-time things for me to be doing on the way from CA, through NV, AZ, NM, TX, LA, & AL, to FL. I definitely want to go through Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, & New Orleans, and suggestions on what’s fun to do there will be gratefully accepted! My current “maybe”s are Roswell, the Joshua Tree National Park, & the AZ Shakespeare Festival. I’ve also had Soleri’s Arcosanti in AZ recommended to me — I’d like to get one of his bells. Any beautiful locations or nifty holiday celebrations or weird historical spots to recommend? :)

  2. D’oh! Sorry I missed this for so long. Are you still thinking of heading this way again come summer? I would definitely want to get together. I’ll have reliable transportation and much more free time…though there may have to be a toddler involved. :-)

  3. Rick: LOL! Sorry, I’m just a touch camera-shy — as you may have noticed! :)

    Re the rat: yes, I had equally delightfully dubious reactions as I served them, which pleased me to no end, I admit! Of course, folks thought they were really delicious once they started eating. :)

    A quick unrelated question: if I ended up in the Gainesville area this summer at some point, would you be interested in trying to meet up? Would you recommend any particular time or event? No promises, but I’m thinking of a road-trip of fun firsts for the summer, and thought it’d be great to include seeing everyone from our Gainesville days — with some actual planning ahead, this time! :)

  4. Rat on a stick == teh yummy. The ‘innards’ weren’t really needed to make them good or fun.

    DevilCollie == Rar! =)

    The ceramics were very pretty and I’m not sure the picture did them justice.

    Now, to get you to TechShop more often and release your creativeness! MWA HA HA HA!

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