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  1. The Caverns of Sonora don’t take reservations because way too frequently the people who made the reservations turned up late or not at all — and then those who were waiting just to go for a tour would be (validly) upset at not being allowed to go.

    Also, you can schedule a show in the amphitheatre, but not reserve any particular time — it simply happens when your tour goes in. You just tell the tour guides ahead of time that you’d like to have the show during your tour, and I think the boy scouts also brought along their own props, such as slides for a slideshow. I think you can also ask the guides to give one of their “canned” talks as well?

    Re the corporations: I’m still of mixed opinions on this. I mean, are they doing these good things because they’re being genuinely community-minded? Or do they believe by doing good things that they are effectively “paying” for the bad things they’re doing as well?

  2. They don’t take reservations, but you can schedule a group to use the amphitheatre? That’s confusing.

    I can’t say I’m surprised the realization you had about the big corporations. They do things that are disagreeable, but they have a big and complex job.

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