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  1. Hi there, Michelle! Sorry it took me so long to notice your comments — my internet connections have been intermittent at best. :)

    I would *love* to return to Yosemite with you! Maybe we could make a winter trip or something? I bought the yearly pass that gives me free access to all the national parks, and half cost on tickets for camping — I want to use it a *bunch*! :)

  2. Hey now, 24 or 26; what’s a couple years amongst friends? ;-P
    I’m with your housemate, get creative! A silver chalice might be nice…

    Oh, and I’m perfectly happy to return to Yosemite with you anytime you’re ready. Scaled Half Dome with my siblings last August and although that was ‘hella fun,’ I’d love to relax for a week of putting the views to paper with words & paint.

  3. > by the way, he thinks it’s our 24th, but he’s wrong! ;-D

    My tenure with Plus Five ended 1988-04. I came out here 1988-05 “for BayCon” on Memorial Day weekend. So Memorial Day, 2012 would be 24 years.

  4. Lou: before I leave Yosemite I’ll have good nibblies, promise! Rick: yeah, that was my thought too. I’d almost do better to silver-plate the head of a club or something! :)

  5. Sounds awesome. I can’t wait to hear more of your communing with nature, and see the pics. But, come on. Silver makes for a crappy sword. ;-)

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