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  1. My high school in Plano, TX was of a similar vintage. It, at least, was of a softer brownish-tan colored stone, with a nubbly texture. However, my father laughingly referred to it once as a prison as well, and not without reason, since it also had that look.

    I think the amphitheatre is usually used during the twilight and evening, though I could be wrong. There were some beautiful and dramatic photos, frex, of it in use with fire and lights to accentuate the performances.

    Re the photo choices: thanks! I was quite ruthless in picking only what came out all right and wasn’t too repetitive. My camera, while excellent, did occasionally have trouble with me being such a newbie, after all. Also, I was more than once shooting effectively blind, due to the enormous amount of sun reflection. :)

  2. I love the use of the curves; it really does help soften the look of the hard concrete. In Seattle, North Seattle Community College is a big concrete building of about the same vintage. It’s a giant, flat box. It’s ugly, and often called “North Seattle Community Prison” because it looks so bleak and grey. It’s a practical, effective, modular, expandable building… but it has no life, and no sense of style at all.

    The amphitheater looks hot. Needs shade.

    Of course they’re careful pouring molten metal; people die if you’re not. There’s an enormous amount of energy there, and if it gets wet or cold it can explode everywhere.

    Good photo choices!

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