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  1. It’s not really mindless, though, is it? It’s more like… a sort of trance, perhaps? Letting your non-conscious mind idly sort through whatever happens to burble up into your only half-conscious mind, while you continue on autopilot whatever it is you are doing. Admittedly, I think you have to be comfortable with yourself in order to do it well, but I always find it to be an excellent way to, say, organize what my school papers are going to be about, or plot a story. I think it’s most like awake dreaming, really?

  2. That mindlessness state you get while driving is a very powerful tool. Bob misses that from his daily commute up 17, and I understand that. I like to drive to Seattle occasionally to get a dose of it myself.

    I have no idea why it would bother people but it might explain why they’re so desperately “busy” with cell phones and other distractions.

    Clouds and impressive vista are virtually impossible to get light, color, and scale right. Ansel Adams cheated like nobody’s business to get his amazing photos.

    There’s only one way you could have caught the effect: Photoshop. =)

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