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  1. Next week I’ll be gathering my old CoH group, the Uberfriends, together for a podcast about our days in Paragon City. Once it’s online I’ll let you know in case you or your sweety are interested in hearing it.

  2. Thank you, Lou, for sharing more of what you feel created the strong sense of community in CoH. Best wishes to you and all the rest of your gaming community on keeping CoH alive, too.

  3. When you have a pool of 100,000 people to draw from, it is easy to raise thousands of dollars. If 10% of them give $5, you wind up with $5k for some worthwhile organization. Many will give lots ore than $5.

    Not only did the game developers listen to the community and make a point to add women NPCs to most of the groups of bad guys, they’ve made a point to equalize most of the costume choices available to both male and female characters. Originally, only female characters could have cat ears, now anyone can. Men got kilts, too. The women got sensible shoes and ordinary street clothes.

    I think you’re very right that it is a huge leap of faith to give up the enforced privacy the game offers to share your name and information about you with others. And yet, with news the game is scheduled to close, people of all types are doing so. There are several Facebook groups, full of conversation. Suddenly, you can see pictures of people you vaguely knew and realize, “Hey! This is played by …”

    The game had places to find people you wanted to connect with and to spend time around them. You got to know them, and could let them know as much of yourself as you felt secure with.

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