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  1. Thanks for commenting, Jonathan! It has been my experience that, when faced with a loss of previous power — whether actual or perceived — the upset former oppressors do not always respond with logic. Looks like it’s your experience also. :)

  2. I have of late heard men (always men) speak without irony of a ‘war on men.’ There is also a sizable ‘men’s rights movement’ who are… of dubious rationality. Fred Clark made the observation that these ‘man-children’ are simply helpless in the face of gender roles becoming more equitable, but it seems more like a good chunk of them (especially the laughable MRM) are falling into the same trap of some nostalgic wistfulness for a Golden Age… the difference being, their particular Golden Age was all too real, and good riddance to it.

    As for the other points you make… backseat warfighting and armchair generals have always been present and have about as much of an effect on reality as the improvements they make to Robert E. Lee’s strategies — an old saw in full about about ‘sound and fury’ comes to mind. Test for the requirements of the job. If they can do the job, they should.

    I also hear ‘Well, women should be subject to the draft, too!’ as some sort of… I don’t know, reason why they shouldn’t be allowed in combat units? Seriously, that makes no sense.

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