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  1. I remember reading about that — and wishing I had more time to just read fun books too, yes. :) Thank you for the suggestion, Jonathan. I’ll have to check it out when I’m not in comps, because it sounds interesting.

  2. Recently, a woman named Rachael Held Evans wrote a book called “A Year of Biblical Womanhood.” Evans is a self-professed Evangelical, and she chose to live a year as the Bible (at least the Old Testament and the Pauline letters) says women should live. She approaches the instructions for living as a woman with humor and candor, as an exploration of what womanhood means in the Bible. Considering her book was excoriated and mocked by the (male) evangelical gatekeepers, it might be an interesting read for you.

  3. Heh. That particular section of the Bible is commonly understood by scholars to be a later gloss that was written by Paul’s disciples rather than by the man himself. Perhaps understandably, they were far less, umm… touched by their deity than Paul, and therefore were more interested in maintaining much of the status quo of the time. :)

    Also, it’s a standard “sad but true” trope that those in power emphasize scriptures which insist others submit to them, while smugly ignoring anything calling for, say, responsibility, obedience, poverty, or humility on their part. It’s one of the reasons I have no respect for the bureaucracy of the catholic church.

  4. The way you bring up ‘redemption of service’ makes me think of a scene from West Wing. Understanding fully that president Bartlett is a Benign Patriarch, and a Catholic to boot, I rather like this quote:

    “You can’t just trod out Ephesians, which he blew, by the
    way, it’s not just about husbands and wives, it’s all of us. Saint Paul begins the passage: ‘Be subject to one another out of reverence to Christ.’

    [passionately]’Be subject to one another.’ In this day and age of 24-hour cable crap, devoted to feeding the voyeuristic gluttony of the American public, hooked on a bad soap opera
    that’s passing itself off as important, don’t you think you might be able to find some relevance in verse 21? How do you end the cycle? Be subject to one another!”

    I think service to my fellow human is laudible, but far more laudible is the understanding that no one is an island: that we all need help, and we all need to be of service. That said, though, that same bible quote includes the words:

    “Wives, be subject to your husbands as to the Lord, for a husband is the head of a wife as Christ is the head of the

    Abbey Bartlett rightly points out that she ignores that part ‘because it’s stupid!’

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