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  1. Hi, Lou! I’m actually feeling much more excited about this now that I’ve had a chance to write out my discomfort and get it behind me. You’re right, too: I definitely intend to contact the photographer herself so I can learn more about the process and make good decisions. I’m still on the fence re paying any more, of course. :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’m sorry this hasn’t been a great experience so far. That’s disappointing, and not what I expected from the description in the groupons and sites like this either.

    The copyright for any professional photo shoot is owned by the photographer. You likely won’t get a digital copy. Extra prints cost, and copying them or scanning them yourself will break their copyright. That’s my understanding, anyway.

    Considering how the web site is written and how the reviews are, I’d suggest you raise these concerns with them. If they really want people to have a good experience with this, they’ll be prepared to talk to you about it and will try and help answer your questions, instead of being bored and uncommunicative.

    There are parts of women’s fashion – $100 hair stylings, makeup stupidity, etc. – that are simply insane, and accepted as normal. You’re finding them shocking because you never pay much attention to them. They are, IMO, insane, but not shocking.

    You have excellent friends – I’m thinking of your glamorous friend who sells Mary Kay – who may be able to help you with parts of this for less cash outlay. Makeup, certainly, and possibly the hair.

    As to a special outfit… you’re a plenty attractive and sexy person on your own. You don’t need to go buy silly, impractical, uncomfortable clothing to convince the world of this. You’ll be best served by figuring out what makes you feel attractive and/or alluring, and going with that. At least if you buy things to make that clearer, they’ll be things you like and that will empower you, instead of trite stuff you’ll never wear again.

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