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  1. Interesting… upon re-reading my reply it hit me that we can simplify that even more: if we ignore that the nature/nurture debate is in actuality a false binary, then when asked to choose, I still prefer the potential power of nurture over the ubermensch nightmare of nature.

  2. David Brin wrote a really fascinating article some years ago about the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek. I do not think he noticed the lack of women so much — more’s the pity — but the main thrust of his argument really hit home for me. He noted (and I paraphrase horribly) the biggest difference is in how people are viewed: are the masses to be saved by the elites, as in the Jedi? Or can they save themselves, as in the Federation? Being a huge proponent of non-hierarchical social systems, I definitely fell on the Trek side of that question. :)

  3. It sounds like a fun exhibit, but it always frustrates me when they use Star Wars as a gateway to science education since, as you point out, there fuck-all for science in the films. ;-) Over the years I’ve grown to really hate the slave Leia thing. Sure, the pics from various cons of dozens of attractive ladies dressed in Jabba’s fantasy fetish wear make for good copy, but could it be more demeaning? I think that’s why I’ll always be a Star Trek guy at heart. The women in ST, while not as well written or represented as we’d like, are light years away from metal bikinis and bare midriffs. (well, I suppose there were some tummies on display in TOS, but usually the characters were more than just set dressing)

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