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  1. Comfort food for when I feel like crap: delicious tomato basil soup served steaming hot, with a grilled cheese sammich to dip in it.

    I cut the sandwich length-wise, and then into quarters. That way, you get the perfect size for dipping with a fork. :-) This is also useful when packing a sandwich for “nibbling” on a long walk, sneaking food into an event, etc. (Use a large spatula to slide the cut-up sandwich into the sandwich bag.)

    Also note the ultra-posh battlemat we use as a tablecloth! :D

  2. > So after much finagling … we finally got some folks out to fix our roof.

    In a perfect world a roof is a simple “A” shape with no obstructions. The rain/snow goes “swoosh!” and falls to the ground. In an imperfect world (cf. our house) there are flat spots and “V” shapes where water collects.

    Additions to the house from 1965 to 2014 were (let us say) not well planned. Over time, new and exciting imperfections accumulated. See: “Believes he’s a handyman,” elsewhere.

    So we had a couple of contractors go up on the roof, come back down, and just say, “Nope. Good luck.” It took some time to find someone that would take the job and seemed “real.”

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