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A History for Women and a Feminism for Everyone

…and now back to my comps essay book reviews! :) A more sweeping view of women throughout history, including both their loss of power and their struggle to both resist and reclaim it within the kyriarchy, is brilliantly demonstrated by English journalist, broadcaster, and social critic Rosalind Miles’ book Who Cooked the Last Supper? The…

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The culinary Hallowe’en extravaganza! pt. 3

Next up in the Halloween dinner recipe reminiscence is Eye of Newt, crunchy Zombie Fingers, and the sweet Zombie Kidneys — all of which were quite tasty. Funny… writing all this down has reminded me of helping out my little sister many years ago, when she was in grade school. Her class had to each…

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The culinary Hallowe’en extravaganza! pt. 2

The next elements of the Halloween dinner that we’ll review are the poison apple dip, and zombie guts! The guts are startlingly easy — I saw a photo on-line of something that was captioned as “Halloween herb-bread guts.” The bread in the original photo is on waxed paper and looks almost more glazed, like a…

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The culinary Hallowe’en extravaganza! pt. 1

Okay! That’s enough scholastic mumblings for a while — time for something lighthearted and fun: last Halloween’s dinner! As I’ve mentioned previously, I occasionally get the urge to cook — either for a specific holiday or for a quiet moment in the midst of scholastic madness, so I feel back in control of myself and…

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Way too much sexual analysis ;)

As was noted yesterday, Biaggi’s essayists examine the emergence of patriarchy in order to persuasively analyze and explain our current global issues — such as environmental devastation, a near-perpetual social injustice which particularly oppresses women and the poor, the increasing corporatization of the massive war and prison industry — then posit a brighter and feasible…

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The first 20,000 years: women’s work & women’s social power

As we work towards shaping social realities, research on women-centered societies which are based upon cooperation and partnership facilitates a more sophisticated discussion of cultural alternatives. This discussion also ensures that the voices of women of color are respectfully heard and recognized as both researchers of integrity applying a wide variety of methodological approaches to…

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The boudoir shoot, part 1 (hopefully)

I’m writing this having just gotten back from my little interview session, or whatever it’s called, at the photography studio for the boudoir shoot groupon which a dear friend gifted to me. I have to say‚Ķ I’m starting to feel somewhat uncomfortable about this. A quick note: while I will mention the name of the…

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Cooking & warping reality in the new year

Happy New Year!! :-D Now that this irritatingly wince-inducing semester of comps is over, I’ve been very much getting into relaxing. As a consequence I’ve also had a few interesting experiences and idle thoughts which I thought I’d write down here. For example, I had two weirdly amusing things happen to me the other day….

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Armadillo eggs — the appetizing! :)

In our last pain-filled episode the armadillo eggs, meatloaf, and cheeses were left well-wrapped and half prepared in the refrigerator, and blinky-Collie-with-glasses went off to a delicious and thoughtful dinner with her very kind housemates. Moving on! The next night I strode fearlessly into the kitchen, well prepared and snapping latex gloves onto my hands…