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  1. Er… okay, I can do this! Um, in order:

    MEOW. ;)

    Honestly, I think the “certain big business interests” effectively *are* running the society. Look at how it’s practically impossible to get Congress to move against, say, the convenience food industrial complex, or the military industrial complex, or the prison industrial complex, or any others you can think of. It took decades and an overwhelming amount of deaths and data for the tobacco industry to be hobbled the amount that it is today — and yet it’s still here.

    I’m not sure heightened individualism is really what we need. I think it’s more that we need a community- or country-wide effort to re-structure the schools so that they’re actually teaching our children — and us, by extension — to think critically. Part of the problem I see today is people insisting on thinking for themselves to the point that they’ll, for example, protest that scientific studies are poppycock when the results don’t agree with their personal beliefs.

    Thank you for the lovely cooking compliment! :)

    Also: yes, there’s a lot in this posting. What can I say: a, um… busy mind is a brilliant one? Or… something like that… :)

  2. So… this article is about…

    > PhD stuff
    > High School appearance
    > Porn overload
    > TV overload
    > RDA Advertising
    > Eggplants are purple!
    > Cooking, yay!
    > Convenience food, boo!
    > Home economics, as a class/science
    > Girls in wood shop
    > Historical sexism in Spanish grade-schools
    > Cooking, yay!
    > Surgical stitching
    > Mutual of Omaha’s Squamous Kingdom. Ea! Ea!
    > Cooking, yay!
    > Food has color!
    > Cooking, yay!

    Hard to keep the comments focused on one thing, Collie. :)

  3. > Now that this irritatingly wince-inducing semester of
    > comps is over, I’ve been very much getting into relaxing.

    I can vouch for that. It’s kind of like having a fluffy brunette kitty lounging around, wanting to play. But the kitty is THE SIZE OF A PANTHER. Yeah. I’m not getting much done… :)

    > I stumbled across my old high school yearbook on line. Much
    > to my startlement, I discovered I didn’t look anywhere near
    > as hideous as I’d thought at the time.

    Not surprised at all, Collie. Your opinion of yourself has much improved over recent years.

    > I suspect a major function of this society and civilization is to
    > effectively separate us from being comfortable and grounded
    > in our bodies.

    I think this is more a function of certain big business interests. They more they can compartmentalize us, the more they can categorize and monetize us. I think our current culture is an unconscious response to that manipulation.

    > one of my house-mates has been reading up about the
    > convenience food industry as opposed to home cooking

    Yes, I’m finding this quite disturbing–and yet, unsurprising. I know it goes against the current thinking about “Civic” culture, but I think the solution is a re-emphasis on Individualism; the kind that teaches people to think and act for themselves. I’m no fan or proponent of Objectivism, but can we please set the dial just one click back that way?

    > Cooking good food and serving it to appreciative friends helps
    > me feel like I’m in control of my life again.

    Collie, your cooking is swell. Many, many more hits than misses and it makes you happy. (++win)

    > a friend once laughingly called what I did “combat shopping”

    I think we can downgrade this to “strategic” shopping. It’s no longer a surgical strike. :)


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