I just finished listening to an utterly fascinating interview on a blogradio with a man named Allan Johnson. I'm very interested in hearing what others think of it as well. Rarely have I heard a man with such patience and empathy so clear in his very voice, let alone his words; he actually had me quietly sniffling at one point due to the tragic nature of one of his examples, in fact. I found some of his comments startlingly perceptive — that sort of lightbulb-over-the-head feeling you get when you think: Yes! That's it exactly — and I didn't even realize I knew that, let alone how to verbalize it so piercingly accurately!

A bit more information from Dr. Johnson's website, which is also full of interesting information:

Allan G. Johnson is a writer and public speaker who has worked on issues of privilege, oppression, and social inequality since receiving his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan in 1972. He began this work in the 1970s with a focus on men’s violence against women. After 30 years of college teaching, he now devotes himself entirely to writing and public speaking.

Here's what the blurb on the blogradio's webpage said:

AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HOUR Allan Johnson will discuss his new book about domestic violence, "The First Thing and the Last" — and if I can tempt him a bit, we'll get into unraveling the knot of privilege, power and difference which causes social inequality and oppression.

You'll need to jump forward to about minute 63, as the interview starts after that. Now I really want to read his book! Unfortunately my local library doesn't have a copy, and Interlibrary Loan's only copy is already checked out, which means I can't get on a waiting list for it. Gracious, I may have to be patient — what is the world coming to? :)

If you listen to the interview, or get your hands on a copy of the book, please let me know your reactions as well? Thanks!

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