Yay! I've finished the ecofeminism comprehensives essay — it's coming in at 53 pages with cover page and bibliography included. Since the essay's parameters were 30 to 50 pages exclusive of the cover page and biblio, all is good. Hallelujah!

Now all I have to do is the tidying stuff, which is easy: make sure all the authors are correctly cited in the body of the paper, make sure the footnotes are all correctly organized, and do a last glance over the bibliography. This is why I always make sure I get the bibliographic entries correct as I mention and then add them — so I don't have to stress at the end. Been there, done that, lost the sleep, swore I'd never do it again. :)

Since my head is still full of the readings I've been doing, and I didn't feel like going out for breakfast — wonder why none of the restaurants I know appreciate folks turning up in their hot pink polka-dot shorty robes? ;)  -we had tasty bacon & eggs here at home. Quite yummy and relaxing!

I was standing by the stove and stirring the eggs and happily nattering with one housemate about the concept of Mary as nothing more than Christian religious prop, and the lasting cultural damage that occurs when the major religious symbol system is stringently male with no female iconography, and how Islam has been tainted by Christianity such that a majority of Islam's believers no longer realize there is no concept of the Fall in the Qur'an… and the other (groggily listening) housemate started laughing.

Whaaat? Doesn't everyone have fun religious discussions over breakfast?! :-D

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