Well! I had an amusingly funny first happen to me the other day: I cheerfully out-talked a Jehovah's Witness! ;)

I was at a small local Le Boulanger to eat lunch and read one of my textbooks in a nice, relaxed atmosphere — one with no tempting internet to distract me! :) While there I noticed a group of three folks talking quietly and very earnestly over their bibles. When two of them got up to depart, I glanced over at them in idle amusement — and the third person noticed and came over and was politely friendly.

I chatted with him for a bit when he asked why I wasn't a christian anymore, and countered several of his biblically-based suggestions as to why I should become christian once more. At some point, though, I politely told him I'd have to go. He agreed with alacrity and, somewhat to my surprise, nearly ducked away from me to gather his things. I bussed my table and returned to thank him for the interesting discussion — but he was practically fleeing out the door! He apparently didn't want to meet my eyes at all, though he glanced back at me when I called a thank you to him. That caused him to give me a small, rather tight smile before dashing hastily off.

It wasn't until a few minutes later that what I must have done finally registered for me, which caused me to laugh. As I said to my sweetie later, I wasn't sure if this made me a scarily annoying discussion partner, Revelations' scarily feminist Whore of Babylon, or a true doctoral student now! That made him laugh and go, "Hmmm!" to which I replied, "How sweet, dear, to remain so discreetly silent on the correct answer!" ;)

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