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Now I'm safe home, I'm having occasional amusing muscle-memory lapses. Driving my housemates' cars, for example (both of which are significantly smaller than Dark Star), I find myself reaching to the wrong place for the gear shift — or I wonder with some alarm how someone can drive with their butt so close to the […]

Once a week we usually have some friends over for dinner and gaming or video-watching. For the night falling on Hallowe'en week I decided to celebrate a bit with a special recipe: Rat on a Stick! Here it is in all its delightfully messy glory: Rat on a Stick Ingredients: 1 to 1-1/2 lbs. ground […]

Spent most of yesterday in a state of carefully controlled panic. I've been desperately working on finishing my late papers for last quarter — thank goodness for being able to "pre-load" WP with my reviews and Bestiaries! So I have a desktop with Word 2007, the latest version, on it… and a nice but very […]

Originally written December 2003: more of a grumble than usual… As you probably don't know, by profession I am a web site designer. I take pride in my work, as I assume most competent craftspeople do. However, recently I've had the most incredible frustration in my job — on this very web site! — due […]

Just got back from the opening weekend of the newest exhibit at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The museum's in the old SGI building, for locals, and it's a lovely little place. The exhibit is a working Babbage Difference Engine! The following is based on my memory of what transpired, so if […]

Bestiaries depict mythical, moralizing animals, but are also potential allegorical sparks that can bloom into brilliant mental bonfires. My bestiary is this mythologizing animal's fascinated exploration of beauty & meaning in the wonder of existence -- in the hopes of inspiring yet more joyous flares of intellectual passion.



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