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  1. Thank you, Greg! I’m finding people’s responses very encouraging; both concerning my capability, and that they’d try their best to do the cool thing — since I believe people really should reach for joy in their lives. Now I’ve had time to think about it, too, I suspect the friends my sweetie talked to are indeed folks who do not really know me that well.

  2. My response to your query…not at all. I’d have to overcome my personal inertia, but doing it alone wouldn’t phase me, unless I was going to a foreign country.

    In your case, they might have been responding to a *woman* travelling alone. But I agree with Rick: you’re one of the most capable women I know, and I would not be worried about you going on a road trip solo. Especially since you make good judgement, and wouldn’t put yourself foolishly at risk. And hell, Cameryn has been on the road constantly for three years. And aside from a car breakin, she’s done okay. It’s just about being smart.

  3. Hmmm, either you’ve changed in ways that you hide well over internet correspondences, or your friends don’t know you very well. If there is one person on this planet whose ability to navigate their way safely across this vast and totally weird country of ours I would never doubt, irrespective of gender, it’s you. :-)

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