What don't we see?

1 Jun 2006 In: FIRESTARTER, Ethics questions, Feminism

June 2006 Firestarter column
by Collie Collier

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Cultural beliefs and taboos are, by their naturalized imprinting into the brains of those raised in the culture, invisible. It's always easier to see the taboos of another culture, and it can be rather startling and unpleasant to clearly see your culture through the eyes of a foreigner. Further, it is frequently very hard for people to even see the failings of their native culture.

In the US, we're supposed to be a society dedicated to the belief that all humans are created equal. It's one of those depressing realities that this is not actually true, but it is a goal to aspire to. It is, therefore, an unpleasant shock when you stumble across harshly obvious examples where not only is a particular group being treated unfairly and differently — but also, when you point it out you are either mocked for being over-sensitive, or regarded with bemusement because they can't even see what you're talking about.
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Testing this out

30 May 2006 In: Random

No, it's not 'hello, world.' Little by little, the coding monkeys eat my brain… but I will eventually triumph, and have ALL my old web site loaded up here so I can take advantage of the nifty blog code which will save time previously spent coding and updating and all that blather which will facilitate me moving up the timetable for my eventual Conquest of the WORLD!!

*sigh* I need to get out more… ;)

Why not torture?

1 May 2006 In: FIRESTARTER, Ethics questions

May 2006 Firestarter column
by Collie Collier

Short answer: acts which deliberately inflict pain and damage, in an effort to denigrate human dignity, are wrong.

Long answer: Like most of the difficult ethical questions in life, my path to this decision came slowly, with quite a bit of soul-searching and long discussions with patient friends. A review of that path follows.

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