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    1. Yes, I’m afraid I have to — currently I have over 500 spam messages caught in the automated spam bucket for the past month. Also, I can’t just trust the program to take care of it, as I’ve had two messages which weren’t spam caught by it. The odds are excellent it usually *would* be sufficient, but I don’t want to be rude and accidentally delete someone who was honestly trying to give a courteous opinion, you know? :)

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented yet. Mainly it’s because I agree with most of what you have said, or at the very least have no valid reason to disagree. My experiences as the proverbial ‘nice guy’ seem to agree with your theses, with one anomalous exception. There was a young lady friend in college who had an emotionally abusive boyfriend. I became the knight in shining armor, the shoulder to cry on, and eventually we strayed beyond friendship. Unfortunately for me I was the type who would do anything and everything I could to please my lady, and before too long she dumped me for being “too nice” and went back to the asshole. I have, over the years, learned that while most women don’t want a complete asshole, they also don’t want a man who will become their devoted servant, either.
    Growing up in the 80’s was a very difficult time to be male. We were told to cry, to be sensitive, that to be stereotypically male, i.e. brutish and selfish, was to be abhored. Consequently, by the time the inevitable overcompensation came in the 90’s, I was so confused as to how to behave toward women that I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to bonk them over the head and drag them back to my cave, or write poetry on rose petals and strew them before their every step. Eventually I learned to just be myself, and I did finally find a woman who loves me for that, but the whole mating dance that dominates our early lives is a very complicated one, with confusion and assumptions on both sides. The regrettable truth is that the two halves of the gene pool are covered with the scum of popular culture, and too many people get their ideas of proper behavior from celebrities and hack TV ‘doctors’ who are, themselves, some of the most fucked up people on the planet.
    As for breaking up your longer posts, it’s probably not a bad idea. I generally read your blog over my morning coffee, and I’ll admit some mornings when I see my whole screen taken up, with more to go below, I just don’t have the stamina to tackle it and put it off til later. However, that being said, this is your sandbox, and I’ll continue to read even if you choose to post in Pig Latin, so do what makes you most comfortable and likely to continue posting.

    TTFN. :-)

    1. Hm, I like that rose petal idea… :)

      I agree the “mating dance” is a difficult one, although I suspect a major portion of that is due to the exaggerated emphasis and importance our society places on it. If, frex, children were allowed to safely sexually experiment without all the attendant shame and guilt we shoveled onto them… then I suspect the current complexity and difficulty of partnering would simply be shoved off onto some other cultural ritual. But hey, sex would sure be a lot easier. :)

      Re breaking up the posts: you’re the third person to agree on that, and I’ve had no one vote against it yet, so… guess I shall! Thanks for the input.

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