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  1. Hi, Rosie;

    Thanks for writing!

    I suspect (since humans are complex creatures) that there are lots of reasons for all the things we do. That being the case, I think your explanation works quite well for all the cultures where sex and women are conflated as “dirty,” such as they are to varying degrees in the three religions of “the Book.”

    Funnily enough, Lysistrata’s sex strike concept is still being effectively used today. I’ve read of women in some parts of Africa using it to get their men to stop fighting. Nothing like the classics! :)

  2. Hi collie
    Thx for yr writings.
    One reason given for why sex is degraded which chimes for me is this.
    Men’s need for sex puts them in the power of women, so priests have to be celibate to prevent them from coming under the influence of women. Sex is blackened as evil, women are painted as tempters, this allows the male to keep power to himself, he like adam ‘cant help it’
    When women who have just been as brainwashed as men became aware, lysistrata provides an effective model

  3. Hiya! :-)

    I just read your review of The DaVinci Code, and loved it. One thing you said caught my attention:

    For that matter, why the anger and shock at the very concept of Jesus perhaps not being as pure as the driven snow.
    It’s interesting that even as you were defending the premise that Jesus being married would not matter in the grand scheme you, perhaps unconsciously, comment that sexual union, even within the sanctity of a marriage, sullies a person. Unles I misinterpreted and you were pointing out just that. It is kind of early, and I could use more coffee. ;-)

    And I have this site on my RSS feeds now, so I’ll be back. :-)

    1. I will admit I believe marriage, as it is now constituted, is no longer a socially and individually healthy relationship form. The staggering number of divorces (over 50%, with some people doing so repeatedly!) says to me this ritual no longer addresses the very real needs of its constituents. I’m also quite turned off by the rampant commercialism of the “wedding mafia” who make a living on this cultural practice. That people keep engaging in it, despite these two huge downsides, says to me there’s a real need for a societally validating ceremony which also addresses our individual needs for companionship and family (small plug: I do have other Firestarters which discuss my take on some of the current forms of marriage).

      My comment which you quote, however, is indeed meant to address the perplexing issue of why Jesus (the theoretically pure and “sacrificial Lamb of God”) having married and supposedly engaged in sex is somehow “filthy.” A similar furor to the one over The DaVinci Code was created by the movie Last Temptation of Christ, in which Jesus did not even appear to have married Mary Magdalene in his dream vision — he merely lived with (and presumably had sex with) her.

      I find it weirdly sad that the three Religions of the Book are, throughout much of historical time, almost the only major religions in the world where sex is considered perverse and “dirty” — rather than a purifying and uplifting symbol of unity with the deity.

      I’m so pleased to hear you find my writings interesting! Thank you for dropping by, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

  4. The problem with the Bible is that you can pretty much use it to justify any argument you wish. The scriptures are so broad, and frequently so ambiguous, that everyone from John the Baptist to Adolf Hitler has been able to find passages that back up their agendas. There is a brilliant website where they, satirically, point out that not only does Leviticus condemn homosexuality as an abomination, but also the eating of shellfish among other things. While a lot of the Bible is a good guide for building a working society, a lot of it is aimed at the subjugation and control of the masses, especially women. Just out of curiosity have you read The DaVinci Code? Granted it is a piece of fiction, but there are many interesting ideas in it(the book, not the lackluster movie) about the original place of women in the Bible and how they were expunged relatively recently.

    1. Hi, Rick! How nice to hear from you! Hope you enjoy my thoughts. :)

      In regards to biblical justifications: oh, yes, I’m keenly aware of that, believe me. I’ve come to consider the bible a literary smorgasbord — a huge and fascinating array of varyingly skillful writings which people pick and choose from to suit their intellectual palates. And yes, that is a great web site you mention — I found it a couple of years ago and nearly hurt myself laughing. :)

      Re whether I’ve read “The DaVinci Code,” may I recommend the following review? It is my intent, over time, to shift all my writing into this blog, but I’m doing it little by little so I don’t overwhelm myself. You’re still welcome to comment on either site — I adore feedback!

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