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    1. Thank you so much! I believe you can click through on the amazon link to purchase it, if you wish. Please feel free to spread the word regarding this issue, as well. I would far prefer reason win out here, rather than the deceptive misinformation which (for example) unfortunately recently helped pass Prop. 8 in California.

  1. (Note from Collie: This comment is reprinted from the original posting, with my replies in blockquotes)

    Nice, thoughtful, and articulate article you wrote on same-sex marriage :-)

  2. (Note from Collie: This comment is reprinted from the original posting, with my replies in blockquotes)

    Thank you very much for the credit.

    Oh, good, I’m glad you liked it! I thought your previous comment was rather important, though, and needed recognition. It’s why this time around I tried not to be quite so harsh and impatient sounding.

    I very much liked the “Take Sides” quote and paragraph.

    I thought that the quote from The Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association was very appropriate. The links were useful too.

    However, some of the people who think that gay marriage is a bad idea won’t put much stock in a professional organization of academics. Recent history puts academics on the liberal side of many social issues, promoting faster cultural change.

    If one thinks that many of these recent changes have been causing the “cornerstones of civilization” to crumble, then saying that academics support another change won’t help change these minds.

    You shouldn’t ignore the quote. However, it doesn’t seem like it is enough by itself.

    Yes, I’m quite aware my arguments won’t sway someone who’s already made up their mind. However, I don’t think someone like me possibly could change their minds.

    I believe it’d take something different and personal, like having to deal with a close gay relative who’s suffering. I know very few who are cruel enough to absolutely turn their backs on the suffering of those they love, you know?

    My arguments are aimed at the currently-undecided majority. I read once that you could statistically “break out” belief in an issue by stating that about 10% to 20% would be powerfully for it, and approximately the same number would be strongly against it.

    The remainder hadn’t really thought about it, and would probably echo what they’d heard from others. That majority — that roughly 80% to 60% — is the group you want to address your arguments to.

    They’ve not yet had time to talk or think about it, and they don’t want to be yelled at about the subject. So if you can politely discuss the issue with them, without pressuring them about it, you have an excellent chance of converting them to your point of view.

    So… that’s the group my article is aimed at. I hope it helps. ;)

    I think that this argument (‘One male-one female’ marriage is the historical cornerstone of civilization) is one that bothers some thoughtful individuals. The only history they know has been dominated by marriage that consisted of one male and one female.

    In either case, I would have liked to have seen more of your thoughts countering this argument.

    Hm. I didn’t put a lot of my own thoughts in there because I was worried about the article becoming too long and bulky, and I felt the actual examples said it better than I could. Still… you haven’t directed me wrong yet! Okay, here’s what I came up with — hope it wasn’t too emphatic-sounding. Thanks!

    I like the final idea, “why not tolerance?”

    Thank you for sending this.

  3. (Note from Collie: This comment is reprinted from the original posting)

    Finally managed time to read this one. Although it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to write an entire book on the subject, I do believe you’ve touched on all the salient points. I plan to share this with folks, if you don’t mind.

    You certainly come across as much calmer than I am on this issue. It’s another of those blood-boiling issues. Sure, I’m married to a man… but if any of the women I lived with had been somewhat less psychotic, it might not have turned out that way. So I take it rather personally.

    Ah, breathe breathe… the Wheel turns… things have changed in the last 20 years, and will continue to change.

    :) Good job!

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