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  1. I know it is true what you have written here.

    Anything can be altered due to translations but the writings plus knowledge we now have of the culture in those days is undeniable evidence in my view.

    The two did love each other but in those days it was not sexual as today’s times. It was a spiritual love – today’s people sometimes have a hard time understanding this.

    At the cross, Jesus wanted Mary to take his place to help his mother. She did help her, and then traveled out of the area, where Jesus’ friends were being suppressed – to a cave in France – out of the way of everyone. There she made a home and a safe place for other people of good will to come and write.

    She did author some of the writings as well as hiding them in various caves so they would not be destroyed. There were many duplicates so that if some were found and destroyed, there would still be more and the knowledge would not be lost to future generations.

    This is just an opinion based upon a little knowledge of the situation.

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