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  1. Well put, Greg. I’ll also note the constancy of change is both a fact and a sign of life, and trying to stifle it is pointless. Further, I think it’s also high time men are allowed to be gentle and nurturing as well.

  2. I am highly in favor of a feminine divine, although it’s not necessarily so that the aspects of this need to be specifically a ‘spiritually gentle, forgiving mother figure’. That may be the meme that modern folks are most comfortable with, but among the examples posted above, there are more than a few that have attributes that are anything but gentle and forgiving! :)

    And really, that’s as it should be. We need our Sekhmets as much as our Hathors. Our Artemises and our Hestias, and everything in between. If gods and supernatural beings are the archetypes via which we better understand and define what it is to be human, then those gods can equally have male and female faces. And the men should just as equally have the capacity for gentleness and forgiveness as any Mother Mary.

    Just because a particular meme is most prevalent, doesn’t mean there isn’t new opportunities to encourage something new, and far more socially healthy.

    (Collie, of course, already knows this. I learned it from her. ;)

  3. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the other 3 parts as well. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of the other articles I’ve written regarding the bible as well, if you wish — I’m always interested in feedback. Enjoy!

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