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  1. I too am fairly intrigued by werewolves as matrifocal, rather than the typically patriarchal packs that we tend to see in urban fantasy! Someone else should try that! Yannow. In a better book.

    But re the cover: this is also entirely unsurprising. While I try to not literally judge a book by its cover, it’s certainly enough to turn me off when I’m browsing for new books to read, to see that the cover is some woman in a skimpy outfit. I mean, I get that people tend to equate sex and vampires pretty closely, what with Laurell K Hamilton, and Buffy, and a lot of romance fiction out there involving vampires. That doesn’t make it a good idea. It’s just pandering.

    I’ll tell you right now: when I’m looking to get my urban fantasy on, I’m more attracted to the covers that show competent looking, not chesecakey women on the covers. That said… it amazes me a little that I gave the Mercy Thompson books a try, considering all the cleavage and midriff the character shows off on her covers. I mean, I get she’s also showing off tattoos. But come on!

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