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  1. Umm… hm. Never — mostly because I don’t often share my drafts. But I have turned in what I considered average or substandard work, and had instructors gush excitedly over it. Does that count? :)

  2. Pretty much what Greg said. We’re our own worst enemies and our own biggest critics. How many times have you agonized over a thesis, for example, and someone reads a second or final draft, and they thought it was great? =)

  3. Aww, that’s so sweet, Greg! Thank you so much, dear — it means a lot to me that I can be helpful as you describe. ;)

  4. We are always our own biggest detractors. We always find faults in ourselves, or imagine them where non exist, or choose to take the most negative possible interpretation of whatever we are thinking or is going on in our lives.

    However, I find myself completely unsurprised that whatever you see in yourself, others do not see that in you. Not having seen the photos, I can’t comment on those. But you have always projected strength and confidence to me, online and off. And as someone that has self-knowledge regarding body language, it does not surprise me at all that you unconsciously refuse to show weakness in your body language, even defiance in the face of disempowering themes.

    Whatever goes on in the darker parts of yourself, the thing that comes across most concretely is strength. I take heart from you constantly, who has not come as far as you: who struggles daily just with my own body language, let alone my own state of mind.

    You say that I’m good for your ego – the simple truth is that I don’t say nice things about you simply because I desire your respect and friendship. I say nice things because you warrant them, because you are inspirational. And because being the mirror that shows you just how incredible you are gives me a great deal of satisfaction, and, one hopes, a ward against your own demons.

    So, by all means – continue to push your envelope!

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