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  1. Well, I have been told Brazil is an extremely, um… patriarchally based culture — maybe that was part of it? At least he didn’t mention any female dances that are specifically suggestive. ;-j

    Why wouldn’t the Ghost Dance survive? For something like that to be lost you either have to kill *everyone* associated with it, or make it so shameful no one will dance it or speak of it any more. Neither is the case here.

  2. Curious that he mentioned two male-only dances. What I found more curious is that the Ghost Dance survived; it was as much a political as a religious and cultural movement, but there was some severe attacks upon the Cherokee for promoting it, even though it was just a small subset of the overall Cherokee nation.

  3. Oh, I don’t know if it did. From what little reading I’ve done on it, no one is exactly sure. I simply mentioned it as being associated with Egypt. ;)

  4. And you are indeed, very lucky. For many reasons.

    I had no idea that belly dancing came from the worshippers of Bast, though.

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