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  1. Well, shoot! Let me think and see if I can recall what I said… are you sure the comment I left doesn’t just need to be moderated, or is it utterly gone?

    I think I agreed about something I vaguely recall you all saying about people getting to determine what they themselves wanted to wear, rather than being pushed into wearing something they didn’t really want to wear. That’s just common sense to me, though — and I include cultural pressure there too. High heels, for example, are something many women would choose to wear, but it’s shockingly bad for their feet. I blame the current dominant cultural paradigm for that choice, and suspect if there were no such pressure, most of those women would choose to wear footwear that didn’t hurt and damage them.

    Re dressing for empowerment, I said it depended on the type of power I was after. If I was going into a fight, I wanted full protective coverage, of course — but if I was just going to be gleefully bouncing around at a con, then fantasy armor is fine! :)

    That’s all I really recall right now, Wihtgar, sorry. Thanks for commenting, though — this was fun! :)

  2. Under the podcast, in the Comments section. It did say the comment was waiting for moderation. Tsk! Do you find me so immoderate then? :)

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