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  1. Lou: strong agreement re fewer angry, but far more angry. I imagine it’d be somewhat like that scene in the movie “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” where someone spray-painted a hateful message on the bus — but at least the gay men weren’t attacked then and there.

    Yay! re finding old friends! :)

  2. You saw a fox! I am full of the envy.

    I think you’re right, either of those trucks would have trouble. I suspect the Goddess Bless truck would be particularly hassled. My experience is that less people get upset by that, but the ones that do are very upset.

    I also found a friend I had lost in the mists of time. Bumped into her at Westercon while I was traveling, and was thrilled because I GOT HER NAME. It isn’t that I couldn’t remember it, just that I couldn’t spell it. It’s got a mystery ‘h’ in it that seems to move about when no one is looking. I’ve got her on Facebook now, so shan’t lose track of her again!

  3. I haven’t, no. But I have seen the purest of hatred, loathing, and absolute ‘otherness’ applied to Muslims of every stripe, from any denomination of Islam.

    This being said, we have gone through different circles; I have no toruble imagining the sheer horror and vitirol you describe. After all, in even the frickin’ Catholic Church women are second-class at best.

  4. I suspect from your response that you’ve never seen the sheer, horrified vitriol that occasionally accompanies denial of a feminine face for god. From what I’ve seen and read, those who worship a Goddess rather than a God are considered witches — in the purely negative sense, rather than the Wiccan way. It’s very strange to me how a religion which states there is no male nor female in god can be so hateful about considering that deity from a feminine perspective.

  5. I love Roswell. I’ve never been there, but they take the whole alien thing and RUN A MARATHON WITH IT. It’s cheerfully bent, and it makes for a load of fun.

    Ironically, I think that they would deal with a ‘Smile, Goddess Loves You!’ truck better than a ‘Know Allah, Know Peace’ truck, despite Islam and Christianity sharing the same patriarchal Abrahamic god. They could just dismiss the Goddess painting as ‘silly pagan woo’; but Islam? Mortal enemies right there. For some people, not only has the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ never ended, neither have the Crusades.

    Those are some really neat place names! The one that sticks in my mind is a place just north of the City in New York State: Ho-Ho-Koos. Not far from it is ‘Secret Town Road.’ When going up to the Tuxedo Park Ren Faire, we’d always quip that the Secret Town Road’s not so secret now, is it? There’s also an attraction just south of Delaware, too, called the ‘Decoy Museum.’ Isn’t labeling something a decoy kind of missing the point? =D

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