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  1. I am having a really hard time not bursting out laughing at the office at that description.

    At the same time I’m gently mortified that’s what you think of as “male”. And self-concious.

  2. Greg: why is Dark Star male to me? Hmm. Well, he’s larger and heavier than me, a bit of a gas guzzler, somewhat bulky and slow to handling, but responds better to encouragement than demands, has a gorgeous paint job — as well as “the freedom to sleep around” emblazoned proudly on his backside, and does his best to be cozy and protective of me! :)

  3. Ah, the power of cute white girls. yeah, I would not want to be non-white in Texas.

    What makes you call Dark Star a ‘he’?

  4. Hi, Rick! It really was wonderful getting to see you and the rest of the folks again last week! I’m so pleased y’all enjoyed it too. :)

    Re Texas: yes, the rural cops were pretty easy going when I lived here too. I remember one time I got stopped for far more egregious misbehavior. I was a very new driver, and like my family usually did, I blew through a stop sign near our house where you could see a long way for oncoming vehicles — but then I also miscalculated a turn, and ended up accidentally driving through a red light that had no one else there. When asked, I explained my reasoning on the stop sign, and sheepishly admitted I was a new driver and made a mistake on the light. Those cops too simply smiled amusedly, warned me to be more careful, and let me go. ;)

    The weirdest/funniest one where good ol’ boy cops let me off was when I and my friend Thea (a delicate, elfin-looking woman) were pulled over in Norman, OK for speeding. We were in a very fey mood that day, and when asked by the cop if I knew I was speeding, I admitted I did — then with exaggerated melodrama added I was taking my friend to the hospital to give birth… right?

    Thea, who was at most willowy, blinked at me in shock — then giggled and went, “Oh, right! Um, oooh! Argh! Oh no!” We were both giggling madly by that point, but it was clear neither of us had been drinking… so the cops laughed, warned us to be more careful, and let us go. Nice though that was, however… I’m pretty darned sure the reason we got off so easy was because we were two cute young white girls. ;)

  5. It was so great seeing you, even if only for the briefest of times. The hugs made every minute on the road totally worth it. It’s also so wonderfully groovy that your journey is being such an overwhelmingly positive experience. While I have some serious problems with their politics, I can’t deny that Texans are, in general, wonderful people. The last time I was there I was driving wayyy over the speed limit on a very straight, very empty stretch of desert road, when I passed a cop who did a quick U-turn and pulled me over. After checking my credentials he asked me if there was a reason I was going so fast, and I told him honestly that I was just digging the scenery so much I forgot to pay attention to my speed. He let me go with a warning. :-)

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