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  1. Hi, Euhill, and thanks for commenting!

    Yes, I suspect you’re correct re my driving over different portions of the CAP. It was certainly long and flat enough that it’s possible what I was seeing was an optical illusion of a curve.

    Also, I love weird town names! Thanks for sharing those with me, and cheers! :)

  2. The canal you are referring to is called the CAP (Central Arizona Project) It’s our aquaduct that is equivalent to the aquaduct that delivers Colorado River water to LA. Except in our case the CAP delivers water to Phoenix, Tucson, various farmers and indian reservations. There are no canals that make a circle anywhere in Arizona. Something like that would be a waste of water. You were probably just driving over different sections of the CAP on different highways as it goes under quite a few. The aquaduct is quite long by the way.

    As for the town of Surprise, it is not the only town with a weird name. Here’s a few others, Globe, Superior, Nothing, and Nowhere. Some possible weird names, historical Tombstone, Flagstaff, and Ashfork.

  3. …on the other hand, let’s *not* go to Arizona. it is a silly place.

    A town called ‘Surprise’ isn’t that strange. There’s a Boring Ohio, and a Truth or Consequences NM. And isn’t there a place in the heartland somewhere called Another Town?

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