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  1. Fabulously rich visuals, my dear!
    Feels like I’m right there enjoying with you. Ahhh!

    The thought that mountains might have devious notions is curious, yet familiar to me.
    I found a book called ‘Legal Daisy Spacing’ by Chris Winn some years ago that instructed in the proper ways to keep one’s planet a safer, more hygenic place to live. Plus, there are fantastic line drawings in case you can’t remember what your Willerby Fluzopositer looks like, but know you must have one somewhere in your garage.

    Looking forward to your ruminations on the canyon. :)

  2. Lou: Philistine. :) I know at least Shasta is holy to the indigenous tribe living there, so I’m not surprised it was ubiquitous on your drive up.

  3. Such poetry to describe piles of dirt.

    Despite being piles of dirt, they’re really amazing. I don’t know how they do it either. Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainier played tag with me all up the highway.

  4. Waya: I actually lived in North Carolina for a year or two when I was very young. I agree, the mountains there do feel incredibly ancient, but also… I don’t know how to say it. Sort of… amusedly fond of all the life there? Very beautiful.

    Rick: awww! Thank you so much, Rich — I’m blushing! :)

  5. This is, without a doubt, the most wonderfully written post you’ve done to date. Thank you for painting this picture for us. :-)

  6. I stand corrected. The Appalachians are not the oldest mountains, but they are very old. They used to be the size of the Rockies and they have a feel of ancient beneficence.

  7. And if you make it into the Appalachian range at all, you’ll experience an entirely other sort of mountain. The eastern ranges are old. I once read that they were the oldest mountain range in the world that is still a mountain range. The only other has been so eroded and worn down that they no longer have the elevation to be considered mountains. The mountains of Appalachia seem gentle and welcoming. From the air, they look like someone carelessly threw bolts of green and brown velvet down to wrinkle any way it wanted. They draw you in with that gentleness and then, when you get deep enough in, you are struck with the age and sweetness there.

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