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  1. Ha ha! How curious, Lou and I had the same thought.

    However, it reminded me that there are SO many pizza choices, from crust thickness to sauce spiciness to toppings and cheese. It can be a very personal, dare I say mystical experience.
    Or not.

  2. Waya & Jonathan: I find myself wondering if part of that comradeship is based in the straightforward gift economics of community. We are all, after all, out of place and thrown together by circumstance. Right now I may be in need and you’re flush, but a time may well come where you’re in need, whereas I’m doing well. True, I cannot pay you back directly… but all of us generously paying it forward is what keeps us all able to continue smoothly traveling. Still musing on that… more later, if I get a moment! :)

  3. I’ve had some very good experiences travelling, even abroad, with people being generally friendly; especially fellow travelers. (Indeed, some of my *worst* experiences abroad were not from other people I’d met whilst traveling, but rather from people who were traveling with me.) In a way, though, I have to chalk that up to privilege; I’ve also never travelled anywhere where I would be visibly, dramatically out of place.

  4. In my memory, people traveling seem to have a sort of camaraderie. There are, of course, bad apples everywhere. But there are a lot of folks out there that have been where you are and are happy to help out. I was reminded of that when we went out to the Outer Banks. Everyone out there was nice and people watched each other’s backs very nicely.

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