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  1. Hi, guys, and thanks for commenting! Bob, feel free to send yourself an Edible Arrangements basket *any time* you’d like to! -as long as I get some of it too! Lou: I thought so too, though I don’t remember which of us came up with the idea first. I’d have gladly given Dad all the credit if he wanted. :)

  2. > things are progressing well, I think, with my dissertation proposal

    The only one surprised is you, Collie. :-)

    > “Your mother is a retired superheroine, Collie, right?”

    Probably some kind of gadgeteer, or a stealthy spy type. (She’s sneaky!)

    > Edible Arrangements

    +1. Great gift choice. Their fruit is so good I have to resist the urge to send myself some. (I’ve been good, right?)

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