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  1. There’s a very interesting article I’ve heard about, that I’m trying to track down, where a man from the Deep South, who used to do this, talks about the reasons why poor people living on the government’s dole so consistently vote *against* their own best interests. He claims it’s shame — they’re ashamed of how poorly they’re doing, and believe only smart people get wealthy… thus they should continue to vote along with the smart, rich Republicans, who *deserve* to be rich. You might find it interesting?

    Also, lovelovelove the Snapple molotovs! :)

  2. It’s actually fairly well-acknowledged (speaking as someone outside the academic field of psychology, though I’d be *seriously* surprised if any of the majority female students and professors in the Psychology Dept. at $PLACE_OF_WORK did not also recognize this) that eating disorders can be very strongly enabled by our society and the toxic advertising and images that it tries to foist on us, often successfully. The unreasonable standards are achieved only by those who actively harm themselves, which perpetuates the lie that if you don’t meet those standards, you lack the willpower. (This is something that affects men as well, but advertising and such has made it ‘acceptable’ for men to be more ‘out of shape’ with (much) less social pressure.)

    You see similar effects on the poor and impoverished — if you aren’t middle class, it’s your fault. If you’re living in the slums, it’s your fault. If you’re in a lower-than-minimum-wage job, it’s your fault. If you have to work two or three part-time-jobs, it’s your fault. It’s been a magnificently-orchestrated kyriarchy, essentially allowing every stratum — vertical and horitzontal, kind of ‘matrix kyriarchy’ — of society to be able to point to a ‘lower’ stratum and say ‘It’s your fault you’re there.’ Seriously, this is what makes me want to be a Molotov-Snapple-throwing-level Trotskyite.

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