1. Hi there, John! Some quick questions: oooh, are you a TechShop member too? Where is there a dirigible that gives rides to random folks? Where & how would one experience cocktail culture? Want to try and do lunch sometime, or is that still a lost cause for you? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

  2. You doubted me, Lou? ME?!

    The fools! They thought me mad — but they were wrong! Muahahahahahaaaa*coughcough*bleah! Er, yeah, no… let’s not add choking to death to the list… :-D

  3. Hubba Hubba–GREAT burlesque, celebrates all sorts of bodies, with humor; best way in is via Bombshell Betty’s Burlesque http://www.bombshellbetty.net/

    The shows I MC aren’t exclusively ATS, but are very friendly. Happy to talk about them.

    Welding: arc is Electric Arc welding, MIG and TIG are (Metal/Titanium) Inert Gas welding. Techshop is good at these.

    You could go up in the diridigible rather than the hot air ballon…

    Apple pies are very fun.

    You don’t need a license to be a priestess.

    Rather than “get drunk”, how about “Experience cocktail culture”?

  4. I didn’t think you’d be too keen on the recreational pharmaceuticals, but I also think everyone should experience an hallucinogen once just to see how easily our brains can be fooled. It puts reality, or our perception of it, in an interesting perspective. Perhaps magic mushrooms if you’d prefer to stay ‘natural’.

  5. LOL! What does it say about me, I wonder, that I have already done or would be interested in doing any and all of those suggestions — except for the first one? You’re the third person so far, also, who has made suggestions which are going to require some… adroit writing so as to keep this page (if not the list itself) safe from the NSFW categorization.

    Thanks for the great ideas! This is going to be fun. :)

  6. Hmmm, I’m trying to think out of the box here. Please feel free to ignore any or all of these:

    Drop acid
    Visit a live volcano
    Have a sexual encounter with someone other than the opposite gender
    Visit the Smithsonian
    Get a massage
    Give a massage
    SCUBA dive
    Put a message in a bottle and either send it up in a balloon(use a plastic bottle) or throw it in the ocean
    Try to appreciate a musical genre that you believe you hate
    Try to live one day without your sense of sight
    Write and then record/perform a song
    Reconcile with someone from your past whom you believe wronged you
    Make love on the beach

    These and many more if you order by midnight tonight!! :-)

  7. Get a tattoo
    Learn to use a wood lathe
    Learn a new art or craft or new aspect of a current art or craft (I’m thinking of trying shisha, which is the style of embroidery you see in Asian and Indian clothing where tiny mirrors are stitched to the cloth)
    Learn to make a dish in a style you’ve never tried (I was thinking Vietnamese for me)
    Learn develop my own photos
    Read a new fiction author
    Create a ritual to share with family/friends for a holiday you don’t normally celebrate

  8. I was trying to think of things you’d never done, and that’s hard. You’ve done a lot of cool stuff.

    Also, getting drunk doesn’t have to be awful. But I didn’t think it would make your list.

  9. This is a hard question! I’m not sure what you’ve done. The “first time” aspect blows away a bunch of the things I’d suggest.

    Host a halloween party.
    Make a really good Sarmation-themed costume.
    Learn to weld (arc, mig, tig, whatever).
    Cosplay an anime character.
    Take the Road Cycling class from REI.
    Take the Sea Kayaking Class (the wet entry/exit one) from REI.
    Go to hot springs (Esalen Institute or others).
    Get drunk.
    Go to the Grand Canyon.
    Get a job as a tour guide (at the Winchester Mystery House?).
    Learn a new foreign language.
    Wear a bikini in public.
    Skydive (or go to iFly).
    Go to a nudist resort.
    Get paid to give a speech or presentation.
    Color your hair an impossible color.
    Drive a jetski.
    Go up in a hot air balloon.

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