I'm crossing my fingers that Carol (my professor for my independent study in Ecofeminist Philosophy & Activism) will like the idea of my using the front yard as my "Place in Nature" to study during the semester. I think it'll be a great way to make the yard a little nicer! It's curious: when I mentioned this to my housemates their first response was to note that any changes I made would have to stay when we move — that I couldn't take them along with us. It hadn't occurred to me, though, that this would be anything more than trying to make this location a little nicer and more natural. I didn't, frex, feel I would "own" it so much as make it glad I'd been there, if that makes sense.

My current plans are to first neatly trim back the shaggier plants that are obstructing the walkway, then try and heal the tree and the rosebushes, then start laying in the big ceramic pots for planting. One of those I'd like to fill with succulents, the other with herbs, similar to what the two articles I found describe. I'd like to also add a bird feeder and a hummingbird feeder to the porch, as well as maybe a few more hanging plants so I learn to have a green rather than black thumb. ;) I think I can make a birdbath and a bat house too, if I'm creative. I'm still debating whether I should seed the bare patch of ground or not. It feels very clayey; would I do better to try just planting moss?

When I warned the housemates of my plans, and asked if there was anything they definitely did or did not want done, one housemate asked only that I use good quality bird seed so there wasn't a heap of hulls beneath the feeder. The other asked that I not chop down the shrubberies that shield his window from the street. Past that, the first suggested I get rid of the gardenias (I think that's what they are?) and plant something nicer that's native, while the other asked interestedly if I'd be building a compost pile.

Notes to self: must take "before" photos, then start identifying the plants — so I can at least speak descriptively of them to the local OSH plant clerk! Also eventually want to learn more about compost: what exactly does it require & what is it good for, aside from getting rid of food scraps?

Carol sent out an email to the WS mailing list regarding scientists finally recognizing non-human animals have consciousness (if that's dead, try here). Gee… what a surprise. Well, before being bleakly amused, I should realize it is a good start — things are improving little by little, I hope.

Tomorrow is a blue moon. I may try a small ceremony in the front yard, in the moonlight, to bless both it and my endeavors.

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