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  1. It… hm. It’s not clear, and the sex is rather… handwaved.

    All three of them (the half-unconscious Eliot, Janet, & Quentin) are quite drunk, and end up in bed together. In remembering the night Quentin is shocked to recall kissing Eliot (who is gay), in fact. However, Janet is portrayed (through Quentin’s perspective) as being quite triumphant the next morning… so make of that what you will, I guess? For what it’s worth, the reactions of others seem to imply it was in fact not a rape… though there sure as hell was no question of pausing to check that either Eliot or Janet were aware and willing.

    It was not a pleasant scene to read by any stretch of the imagination. As well, the couple of pages dedicated to Quentin’s thoughts the next morning are almost pathetically self-centered.

  2. Great. Yeah, I’m thinking the rape didn’t happen because they were shifted into foxes but because the protagonists thinks like (is) a rapist. What a lovely book.

    I assume Janet was willing when he cheated on Alice with her. Or…gods…did the book skip over the sex bit, leaving it unclear if he raped her, too? Do I even want to know?

  3. You’re not going to like it, I’m afraid… Janet had been previously cast by Quentin’s internal monologue as the “slutty” girl who sleeps around with anyone in order to be liked.

  4. Quentin had known … that he was going to take Janet’s dress off as soon as he had half a chance.

    Please tell me that, in context, there is some reason for Quentin to think that Janet wants him to take her dress off. Though, even then, this sounds like the thinking of a rapist.

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