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Crockpot Chili — yum!

Well! I am both startled and pleased — I’ve had a crockpot dish that every single person enthusiastically told me I should definitely make again! That’s always a lovely feeling. :) Strangely enough, this is about the simplest recipe I’ve tried in a while, and I don’t recall where I got it from — it…

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Crockpottery: Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken

Yay, another hugely successful and very simple crockpot meal! This recipe created a moist, delicious chicken where the meat was so tender that it really fell off the bones. Also, the smell when you walk into the kitchen is divine! However, one housemate is a bit squicked by seeing meat on bones, so I’ll probably…

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The Campbell “Boogie on the Bayou!” street fair

I love being able to stack up automatic posts ahead of time! :) Had a really fun time at the “Boogie on the Bayou” festival in Campbell: got a beautiful new Venetian-style mask (that’s it to the immediate left); got to listen to some Cajun music; and got to eat crawfish etoufee, alligator kebab, and…

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Experimenting in the kitchen

And now for something completely different… ! As you may not know, I am not much into housekeeping of any sort. Years ago, when I was a child, I always more enjoyed working with the animals and cleaning the barn, rather than cleaning house. Give me a muck-bucket, a pitchfork, and a tractor in the…

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Ecofeminism results! & book list

SQUEEEEEEE! Got good news on my Ecofeminism Comprehensive Exam results — woohooo! ;) This is such a relief, too. I know everyone tells me it’s silly to worry, but nevertheless after turning in such a huge project there’s always that little niggling doubt, that voice in the back of my head: did I use personal…

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Is it just me, or is it always easier to remember the disparaging things you’ve heard about yourself? For that matter, why is it always so hard to remember the good things you know are true about yourself? I know I’m intelligent, and I have friends I trust who have given me many sincere compliments…

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Journaling on selecting methodologies, pt. 2

To continue from yesterday, my gut feeling is that if I’m truly, reflectively performing a women’s spirituality methodology, then I should already be integrating much of what is of value in these transformative methodological frameworks. I think, however, it would be respectful to note when I am specifically “calling out” some related aspect of these…

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Journaling on selecting methodologies, pt. 1

I think best when writing. I am, therefore, considering methodologies for writing future papers, and simultaneously doing a quick review of them. This should aid me in both improving my vocabulary (as in much use of unfamiliar terms will assist me in becoming more comfortable with them), and in familiarizing myself with the various methodologies….